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Davie Ashley Sawmill, LLC/DAS Timber and Transportation, LLC is a family owned business for over a quarter of a century. It's sole purpose is to produce quality lumber and to procure high grade timber, while providing an environment in which it's employees enjoy working.

Davie and Margaret Ashley began the business in 1972 as a logging company with a small loan from the local bank. Davie purchased a skidder, loader, truck and saw and ran the business as a one man operation. They would spend all day logging and sawing at night. In 1975, they added the sawmill division to the business. Over the years our children have followed in the family footsteps and now run the company serving as our managers, Jerry Ashley, Jarrett Ashley and Jana Smith.

Over the years, Ashley Sawmill has continued buying timber and logging while serving the public with products such as lumber, mulch, sawdust, cross-ties, custom log homes, mantles, hardwood floors and more.